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About our lab

Our lab is focused on understanding and testing factors that increase motivation for movement. We use behavioral science to create interventions for individuals that might have difficulties starting and sticking with exercise and physical activity. We primarily focus on interventions for people with Parkinson disease as well as underserved populations (Latinx/Hispanic).

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Lab Vision & Mission

Movement for Life Lab

Vision: Empowering movement for all, for life.

Mission: To empower and motivate individuals, families, and populations to be physically active.

Research goals:

  1. Improve physical activity levels of people with PD
  2. Reduce healthcare disparities for people with PD from underrepresented  groups
  3. Understand essential components of interventions (at the individual, interpersonal, community, & societal levels) to maximize motivation for physical activity

Upcoming Events

  1. Jun 25 Art Exhibit: Origins & Forgotten in Time All Day
  2. Jun 25 Open Air 2024 Sculpture Exhibition All Day
  3. Jun 25 UConn Summer Horseback Riding All Day
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  • Research Projects
    STEAM Project (Recruitment complete) Since the advent of photography, the medium has been used as a scientific tool in understanding movement, time and body. There is evidence that as early as 1879, photographic images were used to study the symptoms and diagnosis of PD. STEAM Project brings together researchers across three colleges at the University […]